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11-16 ** Rice to LADS Alums ** @ 10:00 AM - Map Link:
11-21 ** Playoff to Rice ** @ 10:00 AM - Map Link:

New schedule will be posted shortly.

We are headed to Nationals.

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Thank you for all the Alumni, Friends, and Family that help our season out
LADS SIDATHON give the gift of SIDS
Just select a player, whole squad or ALUMNI!!
1 Player x 1 SID = $10
25 Players x 1 SID = $100
All The Freshmen - $50

The LADS that run will sing the SIDATHON song with your name. We will also do our best to record the event and post some pictures and maybe even some video.
Watch LADS history in the making watch videos!

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  • The Full SQUAD : 1 SIDS
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    2013 Homecoming Alumni Game - Sat Nov 16th @10AM RSVP